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Acrylic Tubs

Make acrylic tubs like new again.


Make shower doors sparkle again.


See black sinks again.


Make chrome shine again.

The Bucko is a commercial strength soap scum and grime cleaner that cleans without acid, bleach, or harsh chemicals. Use it on glass shower doors, acrylic tubs, chrome fixtures, tubs, tile, sinks, toilets, and other areas where soap scum and grime build up. The Bucko leaves an amazing shine and a very light fresh scent.

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Black Sink Before

The Bucko cleans soap scum and grime on sinks, tubs, tile such as this black sink

Black Sink During

Spray on a generous amount of the The Bucko and allow to sit for 1 minute. For tougher jobs, allow to sit longer, up to 30 min

Black sink after

Wipe off with clean dry cloth. To bring out shine, wipe again with clean cloth moistened with water.


No bleach, no acid, no harsh chemicals

When you have a lot of cleaning to do, it's a lot more pleasant to not have to come in contact with strong and foul smelling chemicals. The Bucko contains no acid, bleach, or harsh chemicals. Use The Bucko on surfaces that require non-abrasive products such as acrylic tubs. (Test in an inconspicuous area first to be safe). Shop for The Bucko.


Wipe Away Scum Without Scrubbing

Watch soap scum and grime melt away. Just spray a generous amount, allow to sit for a few minutes, and wipe away. Tougher jobs may require allowing The Bucko to sit for 5 to 30 minutes (depending on how bad the scum or grime is) and light scrubbing. Shop for The Bucko.


Light, fresh scent

The  Bucko contains a very light, lemon fresh scent. No bleach smell, no heavy perfumes, just enough for a touch of freshness. Let your amazing work do the talking. Shop for The Bucko.


Leaves a beautiful, protective shine

Your customers will take notice of how sparkling clean their room looks. After spraying, allowing to sit, and wiping off, rinse with water or wipe with a clean, wet cloth to bring out an amazing shine. Shop for The Bucko.




Glass-Shower-Door-Column"I tested your product on one of our hardest houses that have soap scum galore in the shower. All the other major name products I would have to scrub, scrub and more scrub to get it clean. I sprayed, and wiped and it was gone!! Yes, I couldn’t believe it either!! WOW!!! I am so impressed! Please don’t change anything!" - Dave Marrier, Final Touch Clean

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Tub Grime 300x300

“I looked on the internet for a way to clean my acrylic tub because I always have difficulty getting it clean.  I have used several things from vinegar and baking soda to expensive chemical combinations. Nothing seemed to work very well and required me to scrub it to death. Acrylic is hard to clean because you are not supposed to use anything abrasive. I bought the product (the gallon size) and as soon as I received it, I gave it a try. You can see by the before and after pictures that it worked wonderfully! I was not only pleased with how well it worked but amazed at how it removed the yellow film on the side of the tub.  With the other cleaners I could never even get close to getting that hard water yellow scale off.  I sprayed it on half of the tub and waited for about 5 minutes and immediately the yellow came off without any effort.  The grunge at the bottom of the tub required just a little bit of scrubbing.  I sprayed again and let it sit for about 30 minutes and everything virtually wiped off.  It had been there for several months!  You can also see the lack of luster on the tubs finish in the before shot and the shine on the surface in the after shot!  It looks like the tub is brand new!  I am glad that I bought the gallon size so that I can keep my tub in pristine condition for a long time."

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