The Bucko Ironing Spray - 24 oz Fine Mist Sprayer

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  • SPRAYS LIKE AN AEROSOL WITHOUT AEROSOLS. Fine mist pump sprayer that sprays like an aerosol. Sprays very evenly and easily, better for people with arthritis than regular sprayers. Refillable, no propellant and not pressurized.
  • FLAKE FREE IRONING. KEEPS YOUR IRON CLEAN AND FREE OF RESIDUE: Iron all your fabrics, dark and light, without fear of flakes. Leaves your iron clean and residue free, making ironing faster and easier than ever.
  • NO STICKING OR SCRUNCHING: Smooth pressing with no drag on your iron. Flake and residue free formula means no annoying sticking or scrunching during ironing. Your iron glides easily over your fabric. 
  • CRISP, WRINKLE-FREE SURFACE FOR ACCURATE CUTTING AND SEWING: Gives fabric body without stiffness, leaving a smooth, wrinkle-free surface for you to work with. Get an ironed look without the over-starched feel
  • ABSORBS QUICKLY. DYE AND FRAGRANCE FREE: Spray and iron immediately. Soaks in right away, no need to wait. Makes ironing easier and faster than before. Unscented: contains no dyes or fragrance.

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