The Bucko Ironing Spray/Starch Alternative - Gallon (128 oz)

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FLAKE FREE IRONING. KEEPS YOUR IRON CLEAN AND FREE OF RESIDUE: Iron all your fabrics, dark and light, without fear of flakes. Leaves your iron clean and residue free, making ironing faster and easier than ever.
NO STICKING OR SCRUNCHING: Smooth pressing with no drag on your iron. Flake and residue free formula means no annoying sticking or scrunching during ironing. Your iron glides easily over your fabric.
CRISP, WRINKLE-FREE SURFACE FOR ACCURATE CUTTING AND SEWING: Gives fabric body without stiffness, leaving a smooth, wrinkle-free surface for you to work with. Get an ironed look without the over-starched feel
ABSORBS QUICKLY. DYE AND FRAGRANCE FREE: Spray and iron immediately. Soaks in right away, no need to wait. Makes ironing easier and faster than before. Unscented: contains no dyes or fragrance. GREAT VALUE: Gallon refill (sprayer not included). Equal to 4 (four) 32 oz bottles.


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