Wipe away tough scum and grime. Leaves a light scent and protective shine. No scrubbing saves you lots of time. How did this become a rhyme?

Wipe off tough soap scum.

Make your acrylic bathtub look like new.

Clean dried up laundry detergent

Clean soap scum off glass shower doors.

No bleach, no acid, no harsh chemicals.

The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner dissolves tough soap scum and grime without bleach, acid, or harsh chemicals. Works without scrubbing, which means less time and effort. Leaves a protective shine, which means cleaning less often. Has a light, clean scent that doesn’t overpower, which means when you do clean it's much more enjoyable. Just spray, allow to sit, and wipe off. To bring out a beautiful shine, wipe with a clean, wet cloth.

Works great on: Shower doors fogged over by soap scum, acrylic tubs with scum buried within its texture, glazed porcelain sinks and toilets, scum on boats, grime on chrome wheel rims, stainless steel, dried up laundry detergent, and as an all-purpose cleaner.

But pictures are worth a thousand words...

What people are saying...

  • "I looked on the internet for a way to clean my acrylic tub because I always have difficulty getting it clean. Acrylic is hard to clean because you are not supposed to use anything abrasive. I was not only pleased with how well it worked but amazed at how it removed the yellow film on the side of the tub. You can also see the lack of luster on the tubs finish in the before shot and the shine on the surface in the after shot! It looks like the tub is brand new! I am glad that I bought the gallon size so that I can keep my tub in pristine condition for a long time."

  • “I own coin laundries for last 35 years. For years my wife and I searched for a product to clean our stainless steel machines with. The problem with most stainless steel cleaners is they have an oil base. They attract lint. They streak. Your product dries clean, no streaks, no oily film. A real work saver.” – John Satta, Oak Park Laundromat, Arden NC

  • “I tested your product on one of our hardest houses that have soap scum galore in the shower. All the other major name products I would have to scrub, scrub and more scrub to get it clean. I sprayed, and wiped, and it was gone!! Yes, I couldn’t believe it either!! WOW!!! I am so impressed! Please don’t change anything!” David Marrier, Final Touch Clean

  • “I have to tell you that it’s wonderful and makes our showers look like brand new. We have a terrible problem with mold here in Florida and your magic cleaner not only cleans, but removes the mold, too. In fact, once we use it, the mold doesn’t appear as quickly as with other cleaners. You have a great product and I hope it brings you much success.” – Cathy Christine, Sugar Notes Handmade Cards

Also available in stores in Cincinnati, OH and Tampa, FL