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Looking for a starch alternative that doesn't leave flake and leaves your clothes crisp but not stiff? 

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Looking to remove soap scum and grime, leaving a great shine, without scrubbing or harsh chemicals? 

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About The Bucko


Bucky the beagle"The Bucko" is the nickname for a beagle named Bucky. Bucky was named after Bucky the Badger, the mascot of the Wisconsin Badgers. The Bucko nickname is way too macho for Bucky’s actual personality; he is a quiet dog who rarely barks, likes to sleep a lot, and gets into trouble trying to get food on kitchen counters.

The original Bucko product is The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner. The Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner is based off a product that used to be sold at Lowe's that was discontinued. People called looking for that product so much, we brought back a product that worked just like it. 

The Bucko Ironing Spray has a similar story. Many quilters loved a product that was sold in Wal Mart and Target, which would give fabrics a crisp but not stiff feeling and left no flakes. So we created The Bucko Ironing Spray for quilters!

Thank you to all of our customers and future customers. If you have more products you'd like to see, please contact us!


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